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What we do

We use our research skills and sector experience to engage creatively with the target audience. We are specialists in research and engagement in health, education and the children and young people sectors.

We use a behavioural insights approach in our work. This begins by identifying the current and desired behaviours of the target audience We then consider their influences and motivations helping to illuminate the thinking that shapes attitudes and behaviour. With this understanding of the drivers of behaviour we are then able to devise effective strategies and interventions that lead to desired outcomes.

Research & Evaluation

Organisations need to be transparent about what they do and why they do it. They need to document their activities to funders, assessing whether they are operating effectively and getting value for money. They also need to examine themselves to help inform learning and development, assessing whether practices are working and how they can be improved.

Research and evaluation provide the tools to examine activities and produce insight on performance. An evaluation system that monitors activities and systematically measures outputs and outcomes can give objective evidence on how effectively a project or organisation is meeting its aims.

RM Insight works across different sectors to undertake research that is tailored to the particular context at hand. Working closely with the client we establish monitoring and performance measurement that is intelligent- measuring what is meaningful not what is easy to count – and is relevant – reflecting the priorities of the organisation and its stakeholders:

  • Offering a comprehensive and hands-on research service covering research design, data gathering, reporting, and strategic recommendations.
  • Drawing on qualitative and quantitative research tools to ensure that evidence is incisive while also communicating the stories and anecdotes that capture an activity.
  • Cutting edge analysis that uses advanced statistical analysis to drill deep into data to generate valuable insight.
  • Strategic insight that links the performance of activities to the larger aims of the organisation and relevant government targets.

Large scale surveys
A demand for reliable findings sometimes requires that research engages with large numbers of people. We are specialists in conducting large scale surveys that reach thousands of individuals.

Using SNAP survey technologies we conduct online, paper and phone surveys to gather accurate and insightful information from clients and consumers:

  • Engaging surveys that include images, multimedia and personalised routing that deliver a high quality respondent experience.
  • Visual and interactive survey design that give a questionnaire edge and increase response rates.
  • Sampling techniques that give robust findings on a budget without compromising reliability.
  • Secure data handling that ensures personal data is protected and confidentiality maintained.
  • Segmentation analysis that dissects product or service users and builds representative social profiles to focus campaigns on.

Data informatics
We believe in harnessing data science to maximise the value of research. We are skilled in creating data informatics systems alongside our projects to help stakeholders gain tailored insight.

These systems provide live access to automated analyses and reports that users can select and modify according to their needs. Rather than wait for a final report that provides generic analysis, online data informatics provides unprecedented access to tailored insight as data is collected.

We work closely with skilled Data Scientists to provide this cutting edge service.