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RM Insight stood out on account of their genuine interest and willingness to explore how we could introduce methodological rigour into an environment presenting significant attitudinal and practical challenges. I found them to be supportive, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Our partnership resulted in a very successful pilot survey that was ground breaking in the discipline of therapeutic riding. We collaborated on further annual surveys of increasing numbers and they helped me to make the surveys more user-friendly and collated and analysed the results for RDA. Our work proved to be an excellent foundation for research and evaluation at RDA and it has stood up to scrutiny and excited interest from a number of academics attached to universities overseas that run therapeutic riding programmes.

Denise Robertson, Riding for the Disabled Association

RM Insight provided an outstanding evaluation for the 2017 Cowley Road Carnival that provided a solid foundation to demonstrate impact to funders and stakeholders. They had clarity and vision in their work, understanding the remit and how it could be achieved. Their final report did remarkably well at capturing the spirit of the event as well as providing robust evidence of its inclusiveness and economic impact. Their work has given us a stronger voice in talking to potential funders.

Johanna Aynsley, Cowley Road Works

We worked closely with RM Insight to evaluate Adoption Match, our online matching service for children in care and prospective adopters. RM Insight skilfully translated the remit into a robust methodology. Their research provided evidence on adopters’ experience of the service and how it could be improved. The findings have been invaluable in taking action to improve the service and celebrating its many strengths.

Melissa Forbes-Murison, Adoption Match