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SROI (Social Return on Investment) is currently the leading research tool for measuring the impact of social programmes. Unique among impact measurement tools it offers not only a comprehensive analysis of the changes experienced by service users but also a valuation of their worth.

By closely consulting with service users, an SROI builds a detailed picture of the changes attributable to a programme and their value. By assessing the total value of benefits against the cost of investment the final SROI ratio communicates at a glance the net value of a project: for example, for every £1 of money invested £4 worth of outcomes are generated.

"SROI has the potential to become a dominating and powerful tool for social impact evaluations among third sector organisations due to its support from parts of the UK public sector."                  Third Sector Research Centre

Widely acknowledged across the public and third sectors as a robust and reliable method of measuring impact, SROI offers an incisive tool to communicate the difference a programme makes to people’s lives.                

RM Insight is an accredited practitioner of SROI.

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