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QR Tell Us

QR Tell Us can help you get valuable insight into your service.

A QR code gives your customers an instant way of giving feedback while they are experiencing the service. This 'live' feedback gives you a unique opportunity to monitor customer experience as it happens.

To help you gain insight into the feedback, we provide 'live' tailored analytics that visualise the issues that are most important to you. By highlighting the key findings our analytics get to the heart of the relevant issues taking the grind out of making sense of the data.

Satisfaction Report

Satisfaction Report

Satisfaction Report

QR Tell Us provides a user-friendly 360° service that reaches audiences and gives instant access to actionable insights.

Getting meaningful customer feedback has never been easier!

Start using QR Tell Us iin five easy steps...

1. Give us your ideas for a survey and we will create a professional smartphone and tablet adapative survey.

2. We generate a unique QR code that will be used for customers to access the survey.

3. You market the survey encouraging customers to have their say on your service.

4. We give you login details to access customised charts illustrating survey results.

5. You monitor results as they come in gaining real time insights into your business.

Experience the benefits of this revolutionary survey tool now!

Please contact us to discuss a package for your service or business.