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RM Insight has an experienced team of research professionals dedicated to improving outcomes in the charity and public sector:

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Roland has over 25 years’ research experience starting as an academic social scientist at University of Sussex and since 2006 working in project evaluation in the charity sector. Roland specialises in impact assessment and evaluations for projects working with children and young people and related to education and well being. From 2013 to 2015 he led the Policy and Research team at Coram, the national children’s charity. This position gave him strong knowledge of the social care sector around adoption and fostering, and children and young people in care. Previously (2006-2010) Roland worked as Research Manager for Booktrust, a national reading charity, supervising evaluation for children’s and young people’s reading programmes. Roland set up RM Insight in 2010, establishing it as a leading provider of evaluation for children’s and young people’s projects in the charity sector. Roland has since led large-scale evaluations and service improvement projects for charities including Outward Bound Trust, Youth Sport Trust, Coram, Riders Disabled Association, Family Lives, Family Action and Family Planning Association. Roland has extensive experience of a range of research methods, including qualitative approaches, statistics and cost benefit analysis. He also has expertise in harnessing digital technologies to enhance research tools. He is a recognised provider of SROI and is an accredited practitioner, assessor of assurance and member of the SROI Network. He is a leading exponent of the use of SROI to measure well-being and other soft outcomes and has published articles in the Guardian newspaper on the subject.

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Dalila has research and evaluation experience in both the health sector and in academic work. She currently coordinates research at Breast Cancer Care, conducting evaluation for projects across the organisation. Previously she coordinated research at Parentline Plus and the Parkinson’s Disease Society. Aside from health, she specialises in work on BME communities and oral history projects.

Dalila has an MSc in Social Research & Evaluation from London Metropolitan University.

Perpetua is a distinguished specialist in research with children and young people. Working previously as a research advisor at Save the Children, Perpetua has since worked as a consultant on numerous projects related to consultation with children and young people. Her report (co-authored with Sara Bryson), Measuring the Magic? Evaluating and Researching Young People’s Participation in Public Decision Making, has been a significant influence in the field.

Perpetua has an MSc in Social Research Methods from Surrey University. 

Elizabeth has a research background in children’s services and has worked on projects involving child participation, parental consultation for children’s centres, children’s rights, and young people.